Problem with Java VNC console

Problem with Java VNC console – Resolved

Oracle us 14th January 2014 released a new version of Java, specifically Java SE 7 Update 51. We have from this release a bit headache. Java Runtime Environment is necessary for our VNC client which is implemented in ControlPanel. Unfortunately, result of new Java update is that the VNC client in the ControlPanel is not compatible with new version of Java.

Until the new VNC client will be ready, you must use a native VNC client (e.g. VNC Viever, Tight VNC) or downgrade your Java. Below you will find the list of installation packages of Java SE 7 Update 45. This Java package is fully compatible with VNC console in our Controlpanel.

Linux x86 31.47 MB
Linux x86 46.03 MB
Linux x64 31.96 MB
Linux x64 44.67 MB
Mac OS X x64 50.61 MB
Mac OS X x64 46.63 MB
Solaris x86 51.88 MB
Solaris SPARC 54.69 MB
Solaris SPARC 64-bit 18.01 MB
Solaris x64 16.01 MB
Windows x86 Online 0.87 MB
Windows x86 Offline 27.7 MB
Windows x86 39.57 MB
Windows x64 29.27 MB
Windows x64 41.38 MB

We are working hard to resolve the situation. Thank you for understanding.

Resolved – Jan 27. 2014 9:35

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