Cryptocurrency mining Colocation

Professional Mining Colocation

The cryptocurrency mining, especially Ethereum (ETH), LiteCoin (LTC) or BitCoin (BTC), is currently a very interesting financial opportunity and investment that requires the maximum performance of your RIG. You can meet with quote: "Grandfather has a retirement. Actual generation has cryptocurrency". And that mining colocation will guarantee you the best conditions for mining of any cryptocurrency.

The high performance, space, electricity and cooling in particular. These are basic, but not all variables that have to be taken into mind, when you want to mine any cryptocurrency. If you already invested a lot of money in the mining rig, then the mining machine care, services and an environment, where the machine is located, should be on a professional level. Only this way, all operating and maintenance costs can be optimized to bring the desired, invested fruit.

Mining Colocation Benefits:

  • Maximal optimalization of mining costs
  • Billing of real power consumption
  • Individual solution according your needs
  • Avarage data center temperature 22 degree
  • Installation for free
  • 8 years of mining colocation experience

The Coolhousing data center offers a specialized servercolocation for cryptocurrency mining, that provide you the great conditions in the regime 24/7 as average temperature 22 degree, dedicated space specifically created for your mining RIG, and last but not least transparent billing of your power comsumption. Ask for a free hosting solution at info@coolhousing.net or our chat and make your work and costs more efficient.

The Coolhousing data center is not a rookie in the mining colocation. You can see some realized projects below.

Mining Ethereum with graphic cards

Mining by graphic cards (GPU mining)

This mining method is very popular for its versatility. Virtually every cryptocurrency can be mined on the GPU, but efficiency has to be taken into account. The very popular currencies, that are still being mined by graphics cards, are for example Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC) or SiaCoin. Mining RIGs based on graphics cards are more demanding for space. Individual components are placed in an open frame thanks to this position air can circulate around all components and sufficient cooling is ensured, thus. Solutions based on graphics cards are often visually very creative, but they all have one thing in common, and there are a large number of graphics cards (average 6) connected to one motherboard.

KNC Titan miners for LiteCoin and Bitcoin

KNC Titan miner

Here we are describing the specialized machines, which are exclusively dedicated to cryptocurrency mining. KNC Antminer devices are out today, but when they were popular, machines were used for dual-currency mining. SHA256 algorithm was good for mining Bitcoin (BTC), and the SCRYPT algorithm for LiteCoin (LTC). Mining equipment is very often naked, which means that individual “live” parts are freely accessible. If somebody gave these machines to the data center, it was neccesary to cover these devices at least with minimal IP coverage, and this gave space for creativity again. Even in IT it is good to use the cage for the budgie.

Mining with Antminers for Bitcoin

Antminer mining

The third mining method is based on the specialized ASIC chips, which could be marked as really professional or rather industrial solution. These devices are characterized by high performance and easy user control. However, it is important to keep in mind that the device is not universal, and the specific currency (algorithm) needs to have a specific Antminer model. All devices are very similar, but devil is in the detail.

The Antminer D3 includes the X11 algorithm, which provide the mining of DigitalCash (DASH) or SyncCoin (SYNC). Antminer S9 or T9 deals with any currency on the SHA256 algorithm, e.g. Bitcoin (BTC) or its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) branch. The Antminer L3+ is designed for SCRYPT currencies, so you can earn Litecoin (LTC) or 42 Coin (42), Dogecoin (DOGE) SysCoin (SYS) or Einsteinium (EMC 2).

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