Coolhousing Data center Real Redundant Connectivity

Real Redundant Connectivity

Today, Friday 13, one of the IP Transit provider for the Coolhousing Data Center, Dial Telecom had a really bad day. On the black Friday it had literally "blackout" of power outage. Coolhousing Data Center services were not affected by this unfortunate event, all transit traffic was automatically redirected to our second IP Transit provider, Core-Backbone.

Last week, we informed you about the perfectly managed maintenance by Core-Backbone. The event was announced in advance, and someone would comment this perfectly managed situation: “Well, when they knew about it in advance, they had to make it”.

This situation had happened again, however this time without any warning. And the result? See the charts below.

Transit connectivity graph

As you can see, again, Coolhousing Data Center redundant connectivity is not only promise or monkey business, now even without warning!

Coolhousing Team

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