New reconstructed wiring for consoles

Renovated console distribution

Almost every time, when an administrator or technician visits our server rooms, use the so called console to manage his server. Under this name is hidden a special cart with a USB mouse, keyboard and 17" LCD monitor that can be connected to all types of graphic outputs via prepared reducers. This cart can be conveniently moved on wheels to your server and there are several of them available in each server room.

While the mouse and keyboard don’t need power, the monitor needs to be connected to a power supply. Therefore, we renovated separately protected power circuit, which is aimed for it. Sockets for consoles can be found in both the classic Tower server and the rack type of server. The sockets are black and clearly marked with the red label “KONZOLE”.

Visitors can also connect their laptop to the console socket system if their work in the server room takes a little longer. This is why the console outlet system is protected by a completely different electrical distribution panel than the hosted servers, so that no service equipment can jeopardize the production servers.

Console cart is ready for your server room visit

KVM over IP

The attentive eye of our server room visitors will not miss the novelty in the form of a bundle of yellow Ethernet cables situated next to the console sockets. The location is not accidental, as it is used to connect the remote server management via KVM over IP. This is a system that allows you to connect to your server remotely via a web browser so that you have access to your server’s Keyboard, Video Output and Mouse. Thus, there is no need to travel to the server room – contact our technical support and they will promptly connect KVM over IP for you.

More about this remote console you can find in our guide.

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