Revolution in Virtualization! Powerful and economic VPS solutions

When common webhosting services no longer meet your needs and a private or dedicated server would not be used to its full potential, you start looking for a solution between the two. This solution is called Virtual Private Servers, VPS. A virtual server is a server which shares the hardware with other servers of the type – sharing the system resources.

The offer of virtual servers is extensive, but quite often unclear. System resources are often not guaranteed, neither is the maximum number of users per server; the connectivity sometimes is not sufficient.

Once you happen to find a powerful VPS solution that is capable of meeting your needs you often need to think whether it is not better to invest in your own hardware as the operation costs of that VPS are not that different from the costs of server hosting.

Coolhousing hosting service brings a new dimension to virtual servers. Using the Xen virtualization technology and high-quality Hewlett Packard hardware allows us to offer powerful and cost-effective virtual servers. See this for yourself – we really bring the proverbial bigger bang for your buck.


Processor 600MHz
Memory 512MB RAM
Swap memory 1GB
25 GB disc space
max. server agregation 1:16

Processor 1,2GHz
Memory 1GB RAM
Swap memory 2GB
50 GB disc space
max. server agregation 1:8

Processor 2,4GHz
Memory 2GB RAM
Swap memory 4GB
100 GB disc space
max. server agregation 1:4
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Connectivity for virtualization server

  • 1Gbps shared connectivity to NIX.cz
  • 32Mbps shared connectivity to transit
  • unlimited monthly bandwith

Have you heard about the Webhotel service? It is a combination of a virtual server with an ISPConfig hosting panel. The price of a virtual server gives you a full-size hosting solution for an unlimited number of domains, be it for the purpose of webhosting, mailhosting, database, FTP or all of the above.

Owners of original VPS models may apply, free of charge, for their new virtual server or they will be contacted by our operators with the offer. If existing users require no changes, the service will continue in being provided in the current form. Migrate: it just pays!

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