The world is running out of IPv4s. Coolhousing is IPv6 ready

The necessity of transfer to IPv6 is being discussed often, but only few hosting companies are doing something for it. Thanks to NAT, recycling and the strict policy of assignment of addresses, the date of absolute depletion of IPv4 could have been postponed. But nothing can be put off forever. According to Mr. Ondřej Filip of CZ.NIC, the depletion of IPv4 addresses can be reasonably expected in September 2011.

“It has been thanks to the good work of IP numbers administrators at returning of already used blocks, thanks to new technologies such as NAT, thanks to better rules for assignment, that the date of end of IPv4 could actually have been shifted to the future. But in these two months the date did not shift,” says Ondřej Filip about the current development and adds: “In other words, the end is drawing near faster than we have expected. In the situation where only few are ready for IPv6, this news is not very good.” (CZ.NIC blog)

However, Coolhousing Server Hosting belongs to the ready part. Our network has been supporting IPv6 protocol natively since January 2009 and each our customer has the right to his/her own /48 IPv6 subnet FOR FREE.

Do not experiment and entrust your project to the professionals from Coolhousing.net!

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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