Sell-off of dedicated servers

Sell-off of dedicated servers

Probably everyone in the IT sector has already got used to the fact that when he purchases a new server, PC, telephone or any similar equipment nowadays, as of the following day it becomes an older model. The IT world is charging forward, and the progress cannot be stopped. But what someone may consider obsolete may be considered by someone else to be more than enough.

Not everyone needs for their project a server consisting of the newest components, just as not everyone needs to deploy the most effective processor or the full capacity of operating memory. For these reasons, we have decided to add to the offering of dedicated servers a new category of servers, sell-off.

The idea of sell-off of dedicated servers is very simple. It is an offering of servers that were previously in our main offering. These servers have remained at the warehouse, either because of cancellation of an order by a client, an error during ordering from a supplier or unexpected ending of the project for which the server was operated.

Part of the offering of sell-off servers is used hardware, but this is not a condition. If only a server that was deployed the past is involved, the entire set of equipment is subjected to a very thorough check, which includes not only inspection and cleaning of components, but also mainly thorough testing of memory, hard disks and all parts of the equipment via various endurance tests. A server is included in our offering only if it passes our tests.

Acquisition of a server from a sell-off offer of course will not deprive you of any of the benefits of a regular dedicated server, including hardware servicing free of charge for the duration of your use of the service. So if you need a new server, but you don’t need the latest technological breakthrough, examine the offer of dedicated servers being sold off. You will find very high performing servers that are very affordable.

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