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Some past year network surprises

In relation to new network monitoring, we have chosen a few interesting bits of information about our network. Data are not complete, and old and new monitoring are not mutually compatible, but since August 2014 there has been certain predictive value.

Our data transfers are continuing to grow, and in peaks after IPv4 we have registered flows of up to 3.28 Gbps, and stabilised flows stay at around 1.6 Gbps. IPv6 is enjoying high popularity, and therefore data flows are entirely different, and the maximum measured flow of 70.5 Mbps is followed by an average flow value of approximately 18 Mbps.

The three most popular services operated via the TCP protocol are HTTP, SSH and HTTPS.

The three most popular services operated via the UDP protocol are HTTPS, OPENVPN and DNS.

The strongest Direct Denial of Service attack reached a size of 8 million packets per second. For a better idea, a very successful e-shop is hit by approximately 4,000 packets per second during a peak time.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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