Acceleration of colocation

Special offer: Acceleration of colocation

Speedy year of 2017! Your server with connection 1 Gbps will be unstoppable and you pay the price for 100 Mbps connection! Every second is important, be faster than others.

Coolhousing Data Center prepared a two-month discount on serverhousing and colocation services called the Acceleration of colocation. From January to end of February 2017 you can order new serverhousing services with highspeed 1 Gbps connection for the price of 100 Mbps! If you have e-shop, e-commerce with high traffic, webhosting company, or you need to take care of a large amount of servers, but you do not want to invest in own server room, serverhousing provided by Coolhousing will be the best solution for you! More information

Great changes will happened in year 2017, so be better to prepared.

Coolhousing Team

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