Special offer of dedicated server

Special offer of dedicated server

The Coolhousing data center published the special offer of the most popular dedicated server SuperMicro E3-1220v3 for price value 53,1 EUR/ month. And that's not all!

You have a great opportunity to order this flawless server, including full service support. The E3-1220v3 processor, which is the heart of the model, is an older date, but compared to the current processor Kaby Lake, the performance difference is only 12%. The difference in price is, however, much more interesting, and if you add 1GE connectivity for the price of 100Mbps, you will definitely get a reliable server into your service for reasonable money.


And if you order this excellent server, which is one of the most popular and the most reliable models in our datacenter, you will receive an annual subscription of the magazine Pivo, Bier & Ale (in czech language) for free.

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