redundant power supply in rack cabinet

Special rack cabinet in server room S1

Another good news – another improvement. In the past few days, we have installed the most modern Conteg rack cabinet in our oldest server room S1 with a base of 800x1000 mm and the possibility to hold up to 48U equipment. The S1 server room is primarily designed for server colocation and serverfarm colocation services. Leaving aside the unusually large size, what makes this rack special is the placement of two ePDUs from two different UPS circuits.

It’s been a long time since we started to provide the power supply from two independent UPS circuits and each circuit was in N+1 redundancy to our customers in our data center. Now, we even operate three independent UPS circuits in N+1 redundancy on two independent power supplies from two substations with two motorgenerators.

This benefit was, until now, a privilege only for rack section and rack stand colocation services. Yes, even without this special rack, we have been able to provide server colocation with redundant power supply, but it was not a system solution. The increased demand for colocation with a high availability guarantee prompted us to upgrade our services within the S1 server room, and here is the first of the upcoming rack cabinets with a high availability guarantee.

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