New KVM over IP

The most modern KVM over IP at Coolhousing

We would like to introduce you the latest module of KVM over IP for fast and comfort remote server and network management at the Coolhousing Data Center.

The KVM over IP is basic and crucial service, that network and server administrators can manage remotely their servers, located at the our data center, like they stand physically near them. We have installed the most modern remote technology on October 2019 to improve administrators comfort.

Which new features the new KVM over IP offers?

  • Faster and easier access to server (see manual)
  • More sessions for server connections (shorted waiting time)
  • High quality graphics in many resolutions
  • Short latency between PC and server
  • USB, VGA, HDMI, DVI, DisplayPort, PS-2 and serial port RS-232 supported

Thanks to new KVM over IP module is the remote management easier and pleasant, than never before. Whenever, you need that management, our nonstop technical support will connect you to your server as soon as possible and for free.

Coolhousing team

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