The sale is back: Dedicated servers start at EUR 30/month

The sale is back: Dedicated servers start at EUR 30/month

Again, after a year, we start another round of the dedicated server stock clearance. Our range of the lease of physical servers includes the clearance sale sets with a contract terminated or an order cancelled by the customer, for sensational prices. However, hesitation does not pay off – the stock is getting thin!

If you require a dedicated physical server for your applications or you need to have an absolute control of your server, but do not want to or cannot invest in acquiring hardware of your one, then our dedicated server lease is the solution. In case of this service, both hardware and housing are included in a simple monthly flat charge that we managed to press down to as low as EUR 30/month.

It is due to another round of the autumn clearance sale of server stock. Last year you stripped the stock in less than three weeks. In order to satisfy all inquiries we even had to obtain a couple of servers ourselves. This year you have another opportunity to save money – you do not always need a new state-of-the-art hardware.

The framework of the range of the clearance sale dedicated servers includes the servers that were the part of our ordinary range of dedicated servers in the past, but for various reasons remained in stock: Clients cancelled orders, there was an error in handling the server order with the supplier, or the client’s project operated on the server finished unexpectedly.

Coolhousing + HP + SuperMicro

Therefore, the current range of clearance sale servers includes the equipment used for a short term as well as the brand new one. However, there is no need to worry about the used servers. Before the next lease, we carefully clean each used server (in the physical as well as software way), check it thoroughly and use the load tests to test the trouble-free functioning of individual components. And since these are not only empty words, we offer the same free hardware service for both the clearance sale dedicated servers and the new equipment for the duration of service.

This year’s offer features two HP sets below the limit of EUR 35/month. Server housing with shared 100 Mbit connectivity, backup power source and a nonstop access to the data centre is of course included! The server with the Intel Core i3-3220 processor, 8 GB RAM and one 500GB SATA hard disk is available for EUR 34/month. We managed to press down the price of the sets with AMD Athlon II X2 3,2 GHz processors, 4 GB RAM, and again, one 500GB SATA hard disk as low as EUR 30/month.

The more powerful end of the autumn clearance sale features Supermicro server with a four-core Intel Xeon E3-1220 processor completed with 16 GB ECC RAM and two 1TB SATA disks for EUR 47 or also the four-core Intel Core i7-3770s with 16 GB RAM and two 500GB SATA disks for EUR 49/month – this time by HP.

Do not pay uselessly more than you have to!

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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