The sale of in-stock dedicated server kits comes to an end

The sale of in-stock dedicated server kits comes to an end

The machines we had included in the sale of dedicated server kits remained in stock for several weeks only. Your demand was so high that we not only had not expected it and could not manage to update the list of kits available, but we even had to look for some additional cheap servers.

Cancellation of an order or premature termination of a service subscription in case of dedicated servers is usually not good news for us. It means that the server we have invested in remains idle in the store. So, in early October we decided to air the store out, test all hardware thoroughly, lubricate the hard-drives and offer the servers to other customers with full guarantee and for best prices.

We were stunned by your demand. The servers were disappearing from the store so quickly that we could not manage to update the configurations offered on the website and in the end we even had to order some cheap servers in addition.

However, the store of unused technology is empty now, so our big autumn sale of dedicated servers has come to an end. If someday in the future we gather some large amount of abandoned hardware again, after this positive experience we will definitely offer it for further use too.

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