Activation of diesel generators

Today´s blackout could involve and critical important servers

Chodov´s substation falls regularly, after that metro and trams stop. Today´s blackout was more than a half-hour in Prague 10 and it endangered the internet, data and other services of Praguers.

Night blackout that affected a quarter of Prague, 100 hundreds households and public transport, and also suffered connected the servers – the Internet, on-line phone lines, critical important aplications, financial operations, e-shops and other important facilities.

„Blackout in our data center, which is about strategically important internet node, lasted over half an hour and we had to start for trouble-free operation from back-up resources Eaton UPS and after that immediately from diesel-aggregates, which operated until ending of blackout,“ said to Jiří Dvořák, representative of data center Coolhousing in Prague.

„Prague substation in Chodov is very problematic energetic source. It has problems every few months,“ said to Jiří Dvořák. Blackouts are then necessary to solve using diesel-aggregates and back-up resources. Important servers and applications then will work.

This blackout could cause hundred of thousands loss to the e-shops

„Unplanned blackout of substation caused discruption of energy supplies and all affected companies had to switch to the back-up source, including our company,“ commented Jiří Dvořák, representative of Coolhousing company. „Blackout lasted roughly 35 minutes, it was necessary to keep all data services in operation,“ said Dvořák.

The data center is for such blackout prepared and in blackout the customers don´t feel the change in quality of service.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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