New dedicated servers V5

Updated autumn offer of dedicated servers

Last week Coolhousing updated its offer of dedicated servers. Compared to the old offer, in the new one the latest processors Skylake and Broadwell, also SSDs are included into the basic configuration. However, prices of new Hewlett-Packard and SuperMicro dedicated servers are cheaper, like no another, even with nocommitment agreement.

The new offer includes servers with DDR4 RAM at a minimum frequency of 2133 MHz, Skylake processors for Intel Xeon E3, processors Broadwell for Intel Xeon E5 and last but not least several selected servers already have been equipped with fast SSDs. All of it in very affordable prices!

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And who needs this dedicated server? The most demanding users and companies which, have strong emphasis on performance, stability and security. Big IT projects and business plans is not problem at all and companies can´t worry about their hardware service, because provider will take after them. Unlike virtual servers where one physical server divided into multiple clients, the dedicated server is not shared, and only for one subject. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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