Vacation with a new laptop HP 550

Summer with a new laptop

Rarely can you get something for free. If you do, it is usually a trifle, which may be of no use for you. However, it is not the case with the Coolhousing server hosting. In addition to a top quality server housing you will receive an HP 550 laptop, which you will surely use. All you have to do is to order a Coolhousing server housing in June.

premium order

HP dedicated servers

Try quality dedicated servers by Hewlett-Packard featuring 1 Gbps connectivity and unlimited data transfer. In addition we offer non-stop customer service, support of the IPv6 protocol and many more advantages.

Professional Server housing

Coolhousing operates own server station in the center of Prague, situated in Vinohradská třída at the NIX.CZ node. Its greatest advantages include good accessibility by car or underground and location high above areas liable to flooding. Hosting in our data center is available from € 40,- free of any data limitations.

COOLHOUSING operates a telehouse in the center of Prague; it is situated in the Stimbuilding in Vinohradská třída and features direct connection to the local NIX.CZ connection node. The network infrastructure consists of two etherchannel 2 Gbit/s lines together and in circle with 4x Gbit/s SFP optics connected to cisco switches; connectivity with abroad is based on 1xGbit/s Interoute and 1Gbit/s Sloane – Level3. The power supply has double backup by UPS and diesel devices Cummins and SDMO.

Vacation with a new laptop

COOLHOUSING announces premium order for the month of June.

The one who will order the largest volume of services in June 2009 will receivein addition also HP 550 laptop FOR FREE.

Top 3 accepted orders on the date 07/10/2009

Seq. Ticket P.O. Price
1 #31908 Cool rack for 12 months with 5Mbit dedicated line 99.337,- Kč
1 #31935 Cool rack for 12 months with managed switch 82.102,- Kč
2 #32004 VPS BUSINESS for 12 months 12.250,- Kč
3 #31843 VPS BUSINESS for 6 months 6.869,- Kč

How to apply?

It is very easy. All you have to do is to order and pay for the services of the Coolhousing server hosting from 1 June till 30 June 2009 and you are in the game.


  • Properly completed order form
  • Payment of advance invoice for the newly ordered service
  • Properly signed and submitted contract
  • This campaign only applies to new orders

ATTENTION! A single customer’s orders are added up, for the winner takes it all!


The evaluation will take place by 15 June 2009. The order form and this blog will inform you about the three largest orders. The key factor is the price, VAT not included (applies also to non-payers of VAT). This rule gives a chance also to customers who are going to make use of the virtual private server VPS START for the period of 12 months.

If the payment is remitted in a foreign currency (EUR, GBP), its amount will be calculated according to the exchange rate valid on the day when the amount is put to the provider’s account.


The customer who lodges the premium order can take over the new HP 550 laptop in our new data center, in 190 Vinohradská, the entrance being in Votická street.

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