Virtual Money Mining: Today’s Hot Trend

Virtual Money Mining: Today’s Hot Trend

Cryptocurrency mining has become a favourite economic activity of various Internet adventurers.The mined amounts of virtual currency have proven a potential source of solid income; however, the mining method requires considerable initial investment into computer power. Coolhousing knows how to make things easier for the modern gold-digger and to optimize costs. Why not try and mine as well?

More and more people using the Internet are becoming familiar with the notion of the BitCoin. It isthe world’s first cryptocurrency that has gained widespread popularity and turned many virtual speculators into dollar millionaires. However, its current popularity prevents the BitCoin from being a suitable currency for automated mining as the method prefers less-known cryptocurrencies, such as the LiteCoin. Nonetheless, winning any success in mining requires massive computer performance, which comes with requirements for space, electricity, and cooling.

VirtualCoin Miner - specialized dedicated server

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining?

Do not think cryptocurrency mining as the operation of a virtual excavator for money. The ‘mining’ is in fact the offering of a computer’s processing power to operate the circulation of virtual money.The userallows their computer to verify the authenticity of pending financial transactions, which grants entitles them for a small compensation from the system.

However, even higher amounts may be received with some cryptocurrencies by the constant emission of new money released into circulation as it is deposited into the accounts of the ‘miners’,the owners of the computers verifying the transactions. The provision of one’s computing power may provide interesting funds, offering the possibility of speculating on the future growth of a currency’s exchange rate and turning their virtual savings into real money.

It has already been indicated that cryptocurrency mining requires a good deal of computing power.In fact, its requirements dwarf the possibilities of contemporary CPUs. Of course one can count onthe free power of their home desktop system. However, its low performance does not make anyone rich – it simply cannot verify a sufficient number of transactions.

One of the more efficient mining tools is the use of the considerably higher performance of one’s graphics processing unit (AMD products are more suitable than nVidia). However, sensible income only comes from a system featuring several GPUs. A fitting method of acquiring such a computer is renting it, which allows people to start mining immediately, without the gross initial investment.

One video card Sapphire Radeon HD 7950 has computing power 2867.2 GFLOPS. At this server are installed 3 cards and they are all connected through PCIExpres-16 slot.

No Initial Cost Required

Coolhousing has expanded its offer of dedicated servers with the purpose-built VirtualCoin Minersystem, a server designed for the mining of cryptocurrencies. The VirtualCoin Miner dedicated server is the service of renting a computer system with adequate performance parameters and operating it in a state-of-the-art data center in Prague. A single package offers everything it takes to start mining.

The renting of the VirtualCoin Miner dedicated server relieves the client of the initial cost of purchasing a computer system with adequate parameters. The miners will not need to expend costfor the acquisition of adequate GPUs and a reliable power supply unit. As the serves is located in the data center, the customer needn’t face the issues of noise or cooling, even the high cost of electricity which might be incurred if the system were operated at home.

The current price of electricity in the Czech Republic is so high that it nearly prevents high income from mining for traditional households. Operating a VirtualCoin Miner dedicated server in Coolhousing’s data center is always cheaper than running an identical machine at home.

Also consider the customization possibilities. Should the standard system fail to satisfy the customer who might prefer even higher performance rating, they can always ask for a custom-builtdedicated server. The last but not least: After 24 months, the client may purchase the system for CZK 59.00, use it otherwise, or even sell it for some extra funds to their purse.

Cryptocurrency mining has never been easier. Take part in the big business without high initial cost and have the machines.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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