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The most comprehensive VPS on the market, now with 50% discount

VPS & VDS with many benefits

  • Advanced RedHat KVM virtualization technology
  • RAID drives and server backup 7 days back for free
  • Unlimited connectivity up to 1 Gbps

Cloud with no worries

Get the performance and reliability of a virtual server with super-fast SSD storage at a great price-performance ratio.

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Trust to our virtuals

vps hosting benefits

Our virtual servers provide many great and useful benefits.

Security and backup

With every VPS and VDS model you get Anti-DDoS protection and Snapshot 7-day backup.

No limits to your growth

In case of upgrading to a higher model, we upgrade the server without reinstalling or any modification to the network settings.

Full root/admin access for free

You have full access of the VPS with full admin rights. You can connect to the server from anywhere using browser, VNC, or other tools.

Server activation in 2 minutes

After payment of order or consulting with us, the virtual server is ready immediately.

Maximum reliability and accessibility

Our virtualization infrastructure is operated in the Czech Republic and thanks to HW redundancy you get a virtual private server with high availability.

High-speed connectivity without limits

Connectivity of the virtual server is provided to all networks with unlimited data transfer speeds up to 1 Gbps.

Benefits of cloud

Choose your VPS server

On virtual servers, you can choose from a large number of OS from Linux distributions and Windows Server and install them via web administration.

I prefer VPS with OS

VPS SSD START from € 5,18/month

1x vCPU 1:4



100  Mbps

The cheapest WIN server

VPS WIN SSD START from € 6,30/month

2x vCPU 1:6



100 Mbps


VPS SSD STANDARD from € 10,35/month

2x vCPU 1:4



1  Gbps


VPS WIN SSD STANDARD from € 11,25/month

2x vCPU 1:4



1  Gbps


VPS SSD BUSINESS from € 15,53/month

4x vCPU 1:4



1  Gbps


VPS WIN SSD BUSINESS from € 18,45/month

4x vCPU 1:4



1  Gbps

SSD and HDD storage

VDS START from € 24,75/month

4x vCPU 1:3



300 GB HDD

1 Gbps

SSD and HDD storage

VDS STANDARD from € 36,45/month

6x vCPU 1:3


160 GB SSD

500 GB HDD

1  Gbps

SSD and HDD storage

VDS BUSINESS from € 129/month

8x vCPU 1:2


240 GB SSD


1 Gbps

The strongest on the market

VDS EXTREMEfrom € 248/month

12x vCPU 1:1

120 GB RAM

720 GB SSD

1 Gbps

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We stand to the quality
Providing top quality
14 days trial

Test your virtual server within 2 weeks and in case of your dissatisfaction, we make a full refund.

Internal certification
Data security

According to ISO 9001 and 27001 audits, you can be sure that the security of your data and servers is on the highest level.

Additional services to vps hosting

You can add any additional service to the virtual server, which brings you another benefits and expands the possibilities of its use.

Virtual managed server

Leave the management of your virtual Linux server to us.

I want administration

VPN and private vlan

Connect your virtual infrastructure quickly and securely with encrypted communication.

I am interested

Hybrid server connection

Fast and reliable interconnection of virtualised and physical infrastructure.


Backup data externally

Increase the security and disk capacity of your VPS with separate data storage.



Secure all your data communications with a sophisticated, filter tailored on your demand.

Look at it

Microsoft licences renting

We are ready to advise and provide you with the rental of any Microsoft license.

Rent licence

Are you interested in higher server performance?

Try our professional dedicated server

How to? Manuals
Get know with Linux - guide

First steps with VPS: How to install and manage a linux virtual server.

Go through

How to with Windows - step by step

First steps with Windows VPS: How to manage Windows server.

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Often questions

The virtual clusters and all infrastructure are operated from our data center in Prague. Therefore, all stored data is located in the Czech Republic. Learn more about our data center here.

Virtual server backup runs automatically. If any problem occurs, with one click you can retrieve any of the previous server states and recover not only data but also all VPS settings. The system stores a complete 7-day backup of the virtual server data.

If necessary, virtual servers hosting backup can be performed outside of the automatic process and stored in the system for an unlimited time. The process of VPS recovery from such a backup is the same as from the automatic backup – one click.

Recovery/restart of a virtual server is performed directly from the online administration. Recovery from the backup may take several dozens of minutes, depending on your data volume. The virtual server will not be accessible during the recovery process.

You can choose and install an operating system from a large number of distributions and operating systems in our online administration Control Panel (CentOS, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora Server, FreeBSD, MikroTik, OpenBSD, Ubuntu Server, openSUSE, Windows Server + dozens more).

After payment, your access to CP will be activated. However, all installation is your responsibility. You can find detailed installation instructions here. The price of the virtual server does not include server management, consulting, installation, software and service updates and configuration. These request are provided only as paid work of our technician according to the current price list.

Virtual servers are operated without any termination period. If you no longer want to use VPS, just write to us at info@coolhousing.net or do not pay the invoice for the next period.

It is, but in a slightly different way. If you want to try the server, order it for 1 month and if it doesn't suit you within 14 days, we will refund all your money as part of our quality guarantee.

Yes, namely Torrent and IRC traffic. Violation of this rule will result in termination of service without any refund.

Furthermore, the rules of use are defined in the General Terms and Conditions.

Do you have question or look for another solution?

Call us at +420 777 310 000 or send us a message, we will reply you immediately