VPS and VDS with 50% reduction on the price

Virtual servers with 50% discount

Thanks to our infrastructure investments, we reduced the price of all VPS and VDS, which you can order for unbeatable conditions.

Currently, when all services including virtualization and cloud storage are becoming more expensive, we have decided to go against this trend at Coolhousing. Not only we have not changed the virtual servers prices for the last three years, but on the contrary, we have reduced the price of all virtual servers for the first payment period since February 1, 2023. Now, if you use a discount code VPS50FREE in an order, you will have a professional virtual server from € 5,18 per month with a comprehensive package of benefits for whose you pay many times more elsewhere.

Investments in infrastructure

And how is all this possible? As they say, Forewarned is forearmed and we have taken nothing to chance over the years. Within the virtualization infrastructure, we have sufficiently pre-stocked ourselves with a large number of professional servers, allowing us to provide hundreds of virtual servers reliably and with high quality of service. In addition, this infrastructure is divided into three independent virtualization clusters in different parts of our data center to provide basic redundancy.

Operation efficiency

In order to provide a high standard of service for this reduced price, all variables must make sense from an economic perspective. Efficiency is therefore a key element for the operation of virtualisation. If the efficiency is low, the operation becomes considerably more expensive and vice versa. Thanks to many innovations in server rooms such as the separation of hot and cold aisles, the installation of advanced cooling monitoring, the deployment of new network elements and last but not least the implementation of freecooling technology, we have dynamically increased the efficiency of the entire data center operation, including virtualization. And thus we needn´t increase the price of services, and now we even we are able to manage a price reduction without affecting the quality of service. You can read more about the efficiency of our operation here.

Something extra – complexity

Unlike other cloud and virtual server providers, we offer a package of practical benefits from the basic model START for € 5,18, when you apply the discount code in the order, free of charge. And that’s both full root or admin access to the server, Anti-DDoS protection, unlimited connectivity, as well as a 7-day data backup in the form of a snapshot. Such benefits have been appreciated and valued by hundreds of our clients, so be among them.

All VPS and VDS models with 50% discount for the first payment period you can find at https://www.coolhousing.net/en/virtual-private-server/.

Coolhousing team

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