Virtual server with SSD storage

Virtual servers with SSD storage

At the beginning of February 2019, we have published a brand new offer of virtual servers. New models of VPS are equipped with SSD storage and price starts from 10,35 EUR/month and includes automatic backup through snapshots 7 days back for free!

VPS Linux and Windows VPS models were completely changed and SSD storage has been added. Thanks to SSD technology, you can get not only faster storage responses, but also higher write and read values from the storage even with a fully load of underlying server.

The CPU load on the underlying server was decreased due to SSD storage and if we add a significant reduction in the price of Solid-State Drive, we go against the present trend and made price reduction on all models. Thus, you can use model VPS SSD Start from 10,35 EUR for one month, for the same price you could get VPS Start with SATA storage three years ago.

Models with virtual servers you can find here.

If you are user of VPS with SATA storage and you are interested in a migration to VPS SSD, contact us at: info@coolhousing.net and we will ensure the migration without any reinstallation for free!

Coolhousing team

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