Virtualization node update

Virtualization node update

In order to continue providing high quality virtual server, that you rightly expect from us, we decided to update our virtualization node. This will result in increased computing performance, stability and above all safety.

p>After long considerations and planning, we decided to switch from virtualization OS Fedora release 15 (Lovelock) to CentOS, release 6.2 (Final). As already mentioned, the main reasons for the update is the increase in stability and security of the entire system. Another reason is the increase in performance thanks to the availability of better hardware support.

This continuous upgrade will start on Tuesday, April 17 around the afternoon. After 12 hours another server in the sequence will be updated. Customers whose server will be migrated to the new platform will be informed about this fact by email. Migration will require a server downtime of several minutes (1-5 minutes), after which the server will go into normal operation. VPS data are not at risk and access data and IP addresses will remain the same.

A fee for an incomplete payment

Recently we have been receiving a growing number of partial payments for our invoices. This situation forced us to apply a penalty for an incomplete payment in the amount of 8,- EUR. Each partial payment creates an extra administration work for our staff and also increases banking fees. Thank you for understanding.

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