First payment in Bitcoins

We accept payment in Bitcoins

On 18 March 2015 we officially accepted the first payment for our services in BTC (Bitcoins). Payment in BTC is not yet integrated in our payment gateway, but if you are interested in paying an invoice issued by us in this virtual currency, please contact our billing department.

Although the need to contact our billing department after receiving an invoice somewhat degrades the idea behind and the advantages of this virtual currency, if there is found to be enough interest in paying for services in BTC, then we will integrate this method directly into our payment system.

Conditions for payments in BTC:

  • 1) It is necessary to pay for a service for at least 6 months (of course, all advantages of semi-annual and annual payment will be recognised)
  • 2) The service needs to be ordered in CZK
  • 3) The payment is subject to a transaction fee equal to 9% of the invoiced amount
  • 4) You can request documentation for payment from our billing department by writing to obchod@coolhousing.net

Coolhousing Team

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