We feel at home in Slovakia: Coolhousing is a member of NIX.SK

We feel at home in Slovakia: Coolhousing is member of NIX.SK

The enterpreneur of the national peering node NIX.CZ has recently acquired the smaller of two Slovak Sitelix nodes, re-branding it to NIX.SK. Coolhousing is also a member of this renewed node, having already joined last year.

Today’s NIX.SK was founded by Sitel under the name of Sitelix almost ten years ago. During past days, the operation of the smaller of two Slovak peering nodes by the enterpreneur of a domestic neutral node of NIX.CZ and renamed it to NIX.SK.

However, NIX.CZ didn’t just expand in terms of a brand, but also their traditionally high level of services. Coolhousing has been a member of NIX.CZ for almost 10 years and has become a member of elite trustworthy network of FENIX in January 2015. Based on the good experience and satisfying partnership with NIX.CZ, we did not hesitate to remain a member of this peering node after the acquisition of Sitelix.

NIX.SK + Coolhousing

The first significant change in the once-and-future NIX.SK was the launch of the Route Server service. There is also a plan to establish the FENIX initiative. FENIX is a safe virtual network that interconnects trustworthy operators within the NIX.CZ peering node, including Coolhousing. Its purpose is to keep at least parts of internet services available in events such as large-scale DDoS attacks on key infrastructure of peering nodes or individual networks.

Thanks to the direct connection to Slovak peering nodes of NIX.SK and SIX, we can now offer you connectivity from the interconnected networks as well as domestic connectivity. This means connection at full speed according to the set contract tariff with latency very similar to domestic conditions (and no data transfer limits of course).

If you happen to have a customer in Slovakia, the housing services offered by Coolhousing are currently the ideal solution for your company.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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