Lower price for electricity by Rack colocation

We go against tide – reduce the price per kWh

A progress towards a lower price of backup electricity, that is what we have committed to in beginning of April 2023. By increasing the data center efficiency, we are now providing a steadily lower electricity price of € 0,4 per kWh, including backup and cooling!

At the end of 2022, we informed all our customers about the electricity price increase. This unpleasant news was coming at everyone, literally across all sectors, and there was no way how to escape from it. There was nothing to do but “keep calm and hold on” until things got better. However, things are already better in our Coolhousing data center.

Reap the fruits

We published an article about What affects the price of electricity in the data center on our blog in middle of December 2022. In that article, we also smoothly mentioned the Freecooling project, which have been implementing in our data center since the middle of last year. Thanks to the extensive investment and endeavour of our datacenter technicians, the first phase of the project is now complete and you can start to reap the fruits of our effort right now.

Thanks to a more efficient cooling system in our largest server room S3, we are able to reduce the price of electricity for our customers from the previous € 0,56 per kWh without VAT to an amazing € 0,40 without VAT per kWh, including backup, distribution, cooling and all variables affecting the price of electricity. It is therefore a real and above all final price for the customer.

Our fair policy

“The completed first phase affects all customers in the S3 server room, which is dedicated to RackHosting clients. However, we do not have a double price policy and we have decided to extend this lower price to all customers of this service in server rooms S1 and S2 as well”, says Jiří Dvořák, Senior Sales Executive and adds: “The most surprised were the existing clients who had pre-paid their electricity consumption for the whole year 2023 to get a better price and now we contacted them that we will refund the sudden overpayment. That’s not something you just see, but we want to be a trusted and reliable partner for our customers for many years“.

Try our energy calculator and find out, how much you will pay for electricity, or how much you will save by a cooperation with Coolhousing Data Center.

The efficient cooling in server rooms S1 and S2 is already prepared and in the near future we will share with you information about freecooling in server room S3 and add some photo documentation.

For Rackhosting inquiry and demands, please contact the sales department at sales@coolhousing.net, after the previous arragement, we will be happy to give you a tour of our data center.

Coolhousing team

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