We have changed our supplier of international connectivity

We have changed our supplier of international connectivity

Say hello to Core Backbone! As the further development of our network continues, we have decided that some of the needs for international connectivity would be transferred to the network operated by the provider, Core Backbone. The connection is located at our secondary location, at Nad Elektrárnou street.

For a decade, our customers were used to having some of our international connectivity delivered vie the network operated by Interoute. However, the year 2015 has brought about major changes, improvement and reinforcement of our network. Part of this is our connection to a new provider of international connectivity, Core Backbone, who is one of Europe’s leading connection providers.

Core Backbone currently provides a capacity of 380 Gb/s to Tier 1 providers, 860 Gb/s to smaller, private providers and operates more than 10 ports in public peering nodes in Europe (including NIX.CZ) and the USA; none of them are slower than 10 Gb/s.

Apart from Core Backbone, international connectivity of our network continues in being provided by Dial Telecom and the peering network, Fast Communication. While the connection is located at our secondary location, at the CE Colo telehouse in Nad Elektrárnou street, the other two links lead to our data centre at Vinohradská avenue.

CE Colo also holds links to Slovakia’s peering nodes of SIX and NIX.SK; the links at out data centre lead to AMS-IX in the Netherlands and DE-CIX in Germany. Each of the locations has a proprietary link to the country’s node NIX.CZ whereby it is connected to the secure, trusted network of FENIX. Both locations are interconnected via a proprietary, redundant optical link.

The migration to the new provider was a success without any recognizable failure of services. We believe you will benefit from our new international connectivity.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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