We would like to introduce intelligent sockets

We would like to introduce intelligent sockets

We have equipped our new data center with new socket panels Eaton EMAA11 which will allow us to reduce cost thanks to our ability to perform long-term measurements of the power consumption drawn by individual customer servers. Customers who will participate in this testing operation will get an exclusive 25% discount of their server housing.

Coolhousing has continuously been striving to reduce the negative influence on our customers due to the increase in electric power prices. The introduction of manageable socket panels Eaton EMAA11 gives us an option to set the power input for our customer servers more precisely. Thanks to this innovation our clients no longer need to pay for power which they did not use.


New options allowing us to measure the power input of customer servers will also be reflected in the pricelist for server housing. Power input categories will now begin at 50 W (€ 9,- per month) and for the most economical and small servers prices will rise in increments of 25 W. Now you will get the most commonly used power input of 75 W for only € 13,50 per month. Our tariffs also include high-performance servers with power inputs of, for example, 225 W, which you can get now for € 40,50 per month. In order to reduce the risk of unexpected power overdraws during impact server loads, we have multiplied the long-term average power input by the coefficient 0.95 in favor of the customer.

During our test operation we will use nine socket panels offering total of 216 sockets. “Because this technology needs to be tested in everyday operations, we decided to invite our customers to participate in a public testing process,” explains Jiří Dvořák, Coolhousing sales manager. Customers who will agree to have their servers connected to our new socket panels will receive 25% discount on their housing prices as our way of our saying thank you for your patience.

“All though it is unlikely, during the testing we may need to restart the socket panel, which will cause a temporary unavailability of customer servers. Therefore, we decided to lower the price for server housing. Further, server owners will also get a finer adjustment of power consumption, which may bring additional savings,” says Jiří Dvořák.


Socket panels ePDU (inner rack distribution units) Eaton EMAA11 are equipped with 24 sockets where each socket may be monitored individually for power consumption, voltage and input. Panels are centrally monitored by an operating person sitting at the data center. “Thanks to the fact that these new types of ePDUs offer monitoring and management functions, they will also provide us with a complete picture showing us the requirements for power draw, as well as the actual consumption used in the data center, regardless whether it is a small, medium, or large data center equipped with hundreds of data distribution units,” summarizes the function of ePDU Jindřich Bulva, the Product manager of Eaton Elektrotechnika. Another very important feature offered by our new panels is the option to remotely manage the power needs of your server, such as remote server reboots – an option which will be soon available to our customers.

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