What a power! Extreme virtual servers with SSD

What a power! Extreme virtual servers with SSD

Terms such as cloud and virtualisation can be seen around every corner. And no wonder indeed. Services based on the virtualisation of physical hardware are very popular and are often seen as being cheaper alternative to the physical server. However, our dedicated virtual servers are different.

A virtual server is often seen as a service where a large amount of customers (we are talking about tens to hundreds) shares one base (physical) server. In such case, despite the best virtualisation, it is particularly difficult to guarantee a sufficient computing power, but there is nothing else behind the good price of such service than the aggregation of computing power. Neither main memory, nor drive storage can be aggregated; these should be strictly assigned from the means of physical server to each virtual server.

On the other hand, the virtual dedicated server service shares the power of one base server among mere units of users or dedicates even the entire server to one customer. In such case, it is possible to guarantee the service parameters throughout its duration and at all times.

Coolhousing has already offered dedicated virtual servers more than two years. This service offer you a combination of all benefits of the world of virtualisation such as backup, backup recovery, disaster recovery, migration of the environment, etc., and the benefits of dedicated servers such as guaranteed computing power or the possibility of connecting external peripherals. Although, as a datacentre operator, we particularly consider solutions based on physical servers, we like keeping up with modern trends and we can well provide the service where the customer receives a physical server, of which the customer does not have to take care at all. It is, in substance, a logical extension to very popular dedicated server service.

With the new virtualisation capabilities and more powerful hardware, our offer got a new juice!

  • VDS Start (4x vCPU, 10 GB RAM, 300 GB HDD) starts from EUR 49,50 per month (order)
  • VDS Standard (4x vCPU, 16 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD) starts from EUR 82,80 per month (order)
  • VDS Business (6x vCPU, 20 GB RAM, 1000 GB HDD) starts from EUR 116,10 per month (order)

The offer of our VDS newly includes the possibility of using fast SSD storage. For traditional virtual servers of many providers, SSD is only the means for increasing the number of virtual servers on physical device (sharing higher power among multiple customer), in which case the customer will not actually see such a benefit in the form of SSD rates. Even SSD drives have their limits. However, if the customer wants SSD storage, he/she has a probably good reason – for example, fast drive is suitable for database operation. In such case, there is no need for a trendy word for the name of the service used, but needed is the actual access to a sufficiency of or all sources, and thus maximum possible power.

Each of the virtual dedicated servers included in the Coolhousing’s standard offer may be reinforced at any time. Increased will be server main memory, computing power or even both of them, plus SSD storage will be made accessible. In such case, we can talk about really extremely powerful solution of virtual server.

  • VDS Start (4x vCPU, 14 GB RAM, 60 GB SSD + 300 GB SATA-6G) starts from EUR 85,50 per month
  • VDS Standard (6x vCPU, 20 GB RAM, 100 GB SSD + 500 GB SATA-6G) starts from EUR 118,80 per month
  • VDS Business (8x vCPU, 40 GB RAM, 150 GB SSD + 1000 GB SATA-6G) starts from EUR 152,10 per month

Coolhousing’s virtual dedicated server with SSD storage is the service where you really receive (not only) SSD power, on which you can rely on.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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