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April changes in COOLHOUSING.NET server hosting

April continues in the spirit of changes in coolhousing server hosting. Improvement of quality of the services passes across the complete spectrum from server housing through dedicated servers up to the dedicated foreign lines.

Very pleasant change for all fans of the service of the dedicated servers: establishment fee for all dedicated and managed servers was reduced to mere CZK 300 excluding VAT.

In order to satisfy all variants of the wishes of our customers, the dedicated servers will continue to be supplied without distribution of a pre-installed operating system. Installation of the selected OS can be ordered even additionally. Basic installation of Linux operating system from Debian or Ubunt distribution is charged with a fee of CZK 900 excluding VAT. After installing the system, SSH connection will be established and the logging in information will be sent you to the e-mail address stated in your order.

If you wish to install the Windows operating system in your server, it is only necessary to pay an establishment fee for the OS service of the dedicated server. Our administrators cannot ensure installation of Windows OS any more however, the “KVM service over IP“ can be activated for you for 2 hours for a fee of CZK 700 which will provide enough time for server basic installation and configuration. Handling your original CD/DVD in the drive is free of charge, of course.

A new price list of dedicated foreign lines has come into effect. Price for a Mbps has been reduced considerably. It means that own dedicated line abroad is even better available now – in particular if we consider the fact that 1Gbps connectivity to NIX.cz is added to all dedicated lines abroad.

Connectivity Price for 1Mbps
5Mbps – 20Mbps(minimal step 5Mbps) {cool_price dedicatedline1}/month
25Mbps – 95Mbps(minimal step 5Mbps) {cool_price dedicatedline2}/month
100Mbps – 199Mbps(minimal step 1Mbps) {cool_price dedicatedline3}/month
200Mbps – 300Mbps(minimal step 1Mbps) {cool_price dedicatedline4}/month

Modifications of the General business terms and conditions are also important. Specifically, they mean amending of the Clause 4. Operational Conditions for Services. 6 following paragraphs were added here.

In case that the Customer cancels utilization of a Service within the billing period, he/she cannot assert the claim for returning a sum for utilization of the Service till the end of the billing period.

The Customer who exceeds within the framework of shared connectivity an average of 20% of the capacity of the shared line for longer than 48 hours will be restricted on this connectivity for the period necessary to resolve such situation. The provider will notify the Customer of occurrence of the situation of exceeding the permitted average of data transfer and start to solve such situation immediately. The solution means a reduction of data transfer from the side of the Customer or a change to a higher housing model of the provider. In case of shared 1Gbps connectivity, the sum of CZK 4,000 per month excluding VAT will be charged for each extra 100 Mbps.

Only one uplink of the RJ-45 type is provided for each housing program.

Only one uplink is offered for the Server Farm and Rack Housing programs. The Customer is obliged to provide his/her own switch for these programs.

It is permitted to distribute the IP addresses assigned by us on by us supported protocols only in the COOLHOUSING network. If different IP addresses {local, of other subnets or academic networks} or non-supported networks are used, the Customer will be disconnected and a penalty in the amount of CZK 2,000 excluding VAT will be charged to him/her.

The Customer is obliged to notify the Provider immediately of any and all such changes in his/her devices positioned at the Operator that could result in a change of power consumption.

These amendments are applicable as of April, 2009.

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