This weak is nearby behind us and new Cool IT News is here. Let´s check it out, what is new in the IT.

It's new, it's cool and it's from IT. What is it? Yeah! Cool IT News! We have the most cool IT news from the past week for you. Let's get them!

Julian Assange left position in the WikiLeaks. Microsoft published MS-DOS source code. Mozilla will monitor your security better.

Windows Server 2019 is coming. Java 11 will bring LTS. ICANN announced the date of change of DNSSEC cryptographic key.

Political correctness is in the IT too. Kernel is bigger by 225 000 code lines this year. LinuxDays have complete program and open registration.

A regular control of Electrical Fire Detection System has been finished in the Coolhousing Data Center last week. And result of the control was expected – everything is alright!

Apple showed new iPhone and some news. NIX.CZ launched new optical circuit. LTS of kernel will be available very soon. This is cool IT news of the last week.

The Coolhousing Data Center comes with a brand new offer of dedicated servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) and SuperMicro. And this is really great offer, from which you will definitely choose. Whatever you need a mailserver, storage, or basic server for virtualization, dedicated servers offered by Coolhousing will meet your demands.

Google´s 20th birthday. Python is in the top 3 programming language. Let´s meet on the Ruby Stories in Brno. This is Cool IT News!

Virtual Servers with operational system Windows belong among the most popular Coolhousing Data Center services. We deeply care on the quality of this service and we bring you two new features, that most of clients of this service will certainly appreciate.

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