At the beginning of February 2019, we have published a brand new offer of virtual servers. New models of VPS are equipped with SSD storage and price starts from 10,35 EUR/month and includes automatic backup through snapshots 7 days back for free!

Through a payment gate available at https://payment.coolhousing.net you will have access to many payment methods for a quick payment of any Coolhousing invoices. These methods include the world's most popular GoPay, PayPal credit card as well as Bitcoin.

What´s new in the this week? Check with us Cool IT News no. 98!

The CES 2019 is behind us, and although we look back on it a little bit today, it's time to go back to the normal life of the administrator and check what is new in IT world.

Last week, as you know from our twitter account, we visited the CES 2019 (Consumer Electronics Show), the world's largest consumer electronics and computing fair. What attractions we saw on the CES?

Virtual Servers with operational system Windows belong among the most popular Coolhousing data center services. We deeply care on the quality of this service and we bring you two new features, that most of clients of this service will certainly appreciate.

We informed our clients about scheduled service inspection of the first circuit of the central UPS and regular dieselgenerator load test before Christmas. Both operations were successfully completed today with the simply result: excellent!

There is a time to look back. What was year 2018 in the IT? Let's take a look at the most exciting trends and news of the year 2018, and what you can expect in the upcoming year.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2019!

The Coolhousing data center published the special offer of the most popular dedicated server SuperMicro E3-1220v3 for price value 53,1 EUR/ month. And that's not all!

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