The access to our data center will be limited from Friday August 25 to Sunday, August 27, 2023. The reason of this limitation is a scheduled reconstruction of foyer - enter room.

We decided to remove operation system Windows Server 2012 from available installation media of Coolhousing data center virtualization list due to higher security.

Another good news – another improvement. In the past few days, we have installed the most modern Conteg rack cabinet in our oldest server room S1 with a base of 800x1000 mm and the possibility to hold up to 48U equipment. The S1 server room is primarily designed for server colocation and serverfarm colocation services. Leaving aside the unusually large size, what makes this rack special is the placement of two ePDUs from two different UPS circuits.

For several years we have been looking for a technology that would make our data center operation more efficient, reduce its energy consumption and ultimately help the environment. After a thorough analysis, we decided to install a Freecooling system. And now we will present the first results to you.

It is not so long, what we have added the first 25 Gbps port to our network thanks to Juniper EX4650 switches. As we announced, our connection to the NIX network has been upgraded. And now we have completed the other step - the interconnection between the CEColo and our data center with a new optic fiber circuit, which will be lighted on 100 Gbps speed, soon.

Summer is here and with it comes our regular summer COOL event. Everyone who visits our data center will be able to cool down not only in our server rooms, where the temperature is stable around 22°C, but also thanks to the refreshment in the form of an ice cream.

We have newly added a PowerEdge server from Dell Technologies to the dedicated server section. This is the first time in our history that we have included servers from this popular manufacturer in our dedicated server portfolio.

Due to a technical fault on the GoPay payment gateway, the Bitcoin payment method is temporarily unavailable.
Update 06/05/2023: BTC payment is available, again.

Almost every time, when an administrator or technician visits our server rooms, use the so called console to manage his server. Under this name is hidden a special cart with a USB mouse, keyboard and 17" LCD monitor that can be connected to all types of graphic outputs via prepared reducers. This cart can be conveniently moved on wheels to your server and there are several of them available in each server room.

A progress towards a lower price of backup electricity, that is what we have committed to in beginning of April 2023. By increasing the data center efficiency, we are now providing a steadily lower electricity price of € 0,4 per kWh, including backup and cooling!

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