Cool IT News 41

Cool IT News 41

Half of the summer holidays are over, but we are not wasting of our time and we have other cool IT news for all great administrators.

Apple retreat to China

The boys from the Apple accepted calling from China. There is no suprise, kung-pao junkies are the biggest market for Apple. Nowadays, Tim and his team had to delete 60 VPN apps from the Chinese App Store. Chinese government does not like using of the VPN. Similar opinion has Russia about VPN, so we’ll see if Apple does similar step there. More information

Red Hat released RHEL 7.4

Red Hat has released a new version of RHEL 7.4. for its enterprise customers. An interesting feature is the System roles based on Ansible, the USB Guard, improving safety of container and, above all, boosting performance. New RHEL would be better in performance in regarding of cloud services. More information

Bitcoin went through hard fork

On Tuesday 1 August at 12:20 UTC, the long-awaited hard fork of virtual cryptocurrency Bitcoin was completed. The Bitcoin Cash is an inciative, according to it a new branch is also named. The reason for the division is a different view of part of the miners on the block size and the overall way how the blockchain works. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Serious bug in Broadcom chipset

The Broadcom BCM43xx Wifi chipsets contained a serious bug in their firmware, which gained control over the device. Fixes are already available. More information

Kernel again

The Linux kernel contains another vulnerability remotely exploitable for a DoS attack. The vulnerability is related to kernel version 4.9.11. Do not forget to update. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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