Cool IT News 42

Like every Friday, it is the time to a summary of the coolest IT news for you! Have a nice weekend!

Google Play will implement the selection

Google Play and selection

The Google Play, which Android users use to buy apps for their mobile devices, will implement preference system for stable applications. This parameter will be based on a simple metric - how often a given application falls, how much energy the phone normally take and how often users uninstall it. Pretty good. More information

Darkweb doesn't exist!

If you ordered ecstasy or hashish from a darknet shop for better weekend, you can skip this message. One of the founders of the Tor Network convincingly claims that "no darknet exists" and people use Tor basically only for good purposes and access anonymously on a regular site. More information

Ryzen vs. GNU/Linux

GNU/Linux on Ryzen

Some AMD Ryzen processors have problems with GNU / Linux. Speculation was confirmed directly by AMD, which is already looking for a solution of this problem. On systems loaded with this processor, GNU / Linux falls under a certain type of load. The same problem also affects some other Unix systems such as FreeBSD. In the future, AMD promises better hardware testing under GNU / Linux. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

3 vulnerabilities in F2FS

The F2FS file system, which is used by many Android hardware manufacturers, contained three security vulnerabilites that allowed to overwrite the memory and run a fake code. More information

Adobe will patch 80 vulnerablities

Adobe has released patches of eight dozens of security vulnerabilites in all of company products. In particular, Flash Player, Reader, Acrobat, Digital Editions and Experience Manager should be updated. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák


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