Cool IT News 44

Cool IT News 44

While most of us do not have to go to school, another beautiful school year begins again, so we do not forget about your education about the latest IT trends.

Backblaze released hard drive test again

One of the few high-quality backup services, Backblaz, published the statistics of damaged used drives again. Boys and girls, grow kittens and buy Western Digital. Just WD and HGST (WD) are the best ones. Toshiba discs have also been well positioned. Significantly worse is the situation with Seagate. More information

1700 telnet passwords has been leaked

Do you want to play on hackers, but NASA supercomputers are a little out of your options? Nevermind! Over 1,700 passwords for remote telnet access have been published to a total of 8233 IP addresses at Pastebin, that belong mostly to smart IoT devices. The most common combination is: root: root or admin: admin. More information

SUSE bets on Btrfs

RHEL has recently ended up with the support of the Btrfs file system, but SUSE will certainly not join its footsteps. According to the official statement, it continues with support of this system. Do not be suprised, SUSE is the most active contributor to the Btrfs project, so far. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

Manipulation with proxy in Google Chrome

Favorite browser Google Chrome will add warnings from version 62 that will want to change the proxy settings, which can be misused, for example, to display unsolicited ad messages. More information

Leaky Xen

The Xen virtualization tool contained five major security vulnerabilities, the most serious of which allowed the escalation of rights and gain control over the system, i.e. the host system administrator could become host of the host system. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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