Cool IT News 47

Cool IT News 47

Apple released the macOS and iOS source code. Yahoo was lying about the leak in 2013. Keybase.io launches an encrypted git.

Apple released open sources

It has become a habit, that Apple, with publishing of a new version of macOS, releases XNU kernel source code. Apple has also launched codes for GitHub for the first time, and Tim showed that he is not puppet and has also released iOS sources for the arm64 architecture. Cool, huh? More information

Coolhousing updated virtual servers offer

Coolhousing Data Center published new offer of virtual servers. It added more operational memory and harddisk space to all virtual boosted models. For € 4, 6 or 8, all customers can get from 512 to 4096 MB RAM and 20 or 50 HDD GB extra. The boosted models are suitable step between two basic models in general, where it wanted better performance for affordable price. More information

Night maintenance of Core-Backbone

Core-Backbone, one of two IP transit providers for Coolhousing Data Center, had the night maintenance between Tuesday and Wednesday, October 3 and 4, 2017.
The entire maintenance took place completely smoothly, and when the Core-Backbone network was disconnected, all data center traffic was immediately and without interruption overtransfered to the network of the second transit provider Dial Telecom. More information

Yahoo did not admit the whole leak

Do you remember the leak cause of user data from Yahoo servers in 2013? Well, who would not be remembered … In this time, the management claimed that the leakage involved „only“ one billion accounts. Well, it was a respectable number, without debate. But nowadays when Verizon has bought Yahoo!, reality was revealed. The leak involved all accounts, e.g. more than three billion! More information

Keybase.io launches an encrypted git


The Keybase.io project launches a new feature. This is an encrypted git. The user only installs a remote helper that provides full communication with the encrypted repository and transparently encrypts and decrypts data for the user. The server, where the repository is located, does not contain any information about it – both the repository names and their individual branches are encrypted. More information

Important security vulnerabilities

WordPress – one hole next to another

Three new security bugs have been discovered in three major plugins for WordPress that install backdoor on the system. All fixes have already been released. More information

Leaky Samba

Seven security vulnerabilities were found in the Dnsmasq server. It integrates DNS resolver, DHCP server, RA, and network booting. Updates have already been published for all vulnerabilities. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Fast ride in Ferrari? Furious ride in Tank? Or experience in VR? All is possible! Cool Summer Experiences with Coolhousing Data Center are here! More information at https://www.coolhousing.net/en/cool-summer-experiences-with-coolhousing-datacenter

Ride in Ferrari for order and pay for dedicated server!
Ride in Armoured vehicle for order and pay for ANTI-DDoS protection!
Experience in virtual reality for order and pay for virtual server!

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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