Cool IT News 61

Cool IT News 61

And we're here again. Mozilla plans to shut down the Firefox Marketplace. Red Hat bought CoreOS. And Apple shut down support for 32-bit applications in macOS.

Mozilla will shut down Firefox Marketplace

At the end of March, Mozilla will close a chapter called Firefox OS by shutting down of the Firefox Marketplace. The end is planned on March 30, 2018. Time is up, isn´t? After Firefox OS, the development of the Marketplace was closed at the end of March 2016. There are only free applications for Firefox OS. More information

Red Hat bought CoreOS

Red Hat is just hot. This is evidenced by the transaction that one of the largest Linux companies has closed. Red Hat bought CoreOS for a quarter billion dollars and now believes that will be stonger and improve its position in the development and operation of Kubernetes. Whether this giant investment will be beneficial for Red Hat is in the stars. But we have to believe that Red Hat boys know what they are doing. More information

macOS ends the support for 32-bit applications

Apple has warned last year that High Sierra will be the last MacOS version with support for 32-bit applications. The new version will warn aggressively before launching these apps, after that full support will be shut down completely. The exact date has not been announced, yet. Tim has decided, after removing of the DVD mechanics, the classic USB interface, or the magsafe power supply, for one unpopular step. More information

Security news

Western Digital – no fixes after 6 months

James Bercegay gave the information to Western Digital about vulnerability that some NAS devices allow remote access to an administrator last year. However, it has not been fixed yet. It is sad. More information

Watch out on your fingers

The fingerprint reader on Lenovo computers has always been understood as a high security standard. However, as it turned out, this encryption is very weak and it is covered with a fixed password. An attacker can easily access to your computer. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Mining Colocation

Professional Colocation

The high performance, space, electricity and cooling in particular. These are basic, but not all variables that have to be taken into mind, when you want to mine any cryptocurrency. If you already invested a lot of money in the mining rig, then the mining machine care, services and an environment, where the machine is located, should be on the professional level. Only this way, all operating and maintenance costs can be optimized to bring the desired, invested fruit. More information

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