Cool IT News 66

Cool IT News 66

Can not you wait for another cool IT news? Then you can breathe out, we are here again!

Stephen Hawking died

We start with a message, which is out of IT news, however this message overcomes every border of modern science. On the March 14, Albert Einstein’s birthday, and “Pi’s Day”, Stephen Hawking died, one of the most important scientists of the present, whose importance is often compare to Isaac Newton or Albert Einstein. Rest in peace, Stephen. More information

Trump blocked a sell of Qualcomm

US President Trump likes to block everything. From immigrants, Chinese products to technology companies. The last category is sale of Qualcomm, which Broadcomm from Singapur wants to buy. The reason for blocking of the transaction is a fear about the national security. Qualcomm ownes a number of significant technology and technology patents (such as 5G networks). Well, that kind of intervention from the state is pretty upsetting. More information

Google bans Bitcoin ads

Google as well as Facebook will ban the ads, which promoting cryptocurrency projects, including a variety of ICOs, since June. The reason, of course, is the fact that these projects are massively abused for financial fraud and robbery of loyal investors. Unfortunately, this step will also have negative affect on established and stable cryptocurrencies. It turned out after Google released this message. The courses of all cryptocurrencies have mushroomed significantly. More information

Security news

Check your “hacking skills”

Forensic Lab CESNET has prepared another “hacker” competition called Catch The QuBit. The organizers of the QuBIT conference will reward several participants, who help to clarify a fictitious security incident. Reward will be attend on this conference or other valuable prizes. More information

Intel is in trouble again

As soon as Intel has recovered from the Specter problem, SgxPectre, clone of Spectre, is occurred. How long will take to Intel to deal with it, it is difficult to predict. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Mining Colocation

Professional Mining Colocation

The high performance, space, electricity and cooling in particular. These are basic, but not all variables that have to be taken into mind, when you want to mine any cryptocurrency. If you already invested a lot of money in the mining rig, then the mining machine care, services and an environment, where the machine is located, should be on the professional level. Only this way, all operating and maintenance costs can be optimized to bring the desired, invested fruit. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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