Cool IT News 70

Cool IT News 70

Another Friday is here. It is great, huh? Together with it, we have 70th Cool IT NEWS! Let's go!

The last /8 IPv4 block has been used

Don´t cry, baby. The end of IPv4, which many people predict more than twenty years, is closer. The last / 8 block was used last week. This does not mean the immediate end – if the current pace of IPv4 using will be same, “IPs” should be available for the next three years. More information

Chris Lamb continues as Debian leader

If you use the only correct Linux distribution – Debian (hate comments under article please), you already know about it. Chris Lamb has been re-elected as the Debian leader. Previous leader Mehdi Dogguy was replaced by Chris last year. Chris aims to accentuate the community of the project and improve development process. Well, we will see. More information

Opera ends with VPN

Opera started to offer a native anonymous surfing option with its own VPN solution on the iOS and Android some time ago. However, the VPN project will be shuted down on April 30. Opera has decided to offer the VPN migration to SurfEasy. In addition, Opera users will receive a significant discount on SurfEasy. More information

Security news

Drupal – another leaks

The critical security holes discovered in March are actively abused by attackers. Attackers are exploiting cryptomining or operate other services on many versions of Drupal. More information

Another vulnerability in Intel´s CPU

It could be folklore. Another serious vulnerability was discovered in Intel’s CPU. This time it affects SPI Flash and concerns to the latest generation of processors. It is great, isn´t? More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Mining Colocation

Professional Mining Colocation

The high performance, space, electricity and cooling in particular. These are basic, but not all variables that have to be taken into mind, when you want to mine any cryptocurrency. If you already invested a lot of money in the mining rig, then the mining machine care, services and an environment, where the machine is located, should be on the professional level. Only this way, all operating and maintenance costs can be optimized to bring the desired, invested fruit. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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