Cool IT News 73

Cool IT News 73

32-bit architecture is dead. You know it? In Ubuntu, they know it, right now. Same situation is occured at Microsoft – they finally introduce an extended unix line endings after 30 years.

Ubuntu Budgie and Mate won´t be available for 32-bit architecture

A support for 32-bit processors falls into the past. By this way it can be explained the step by Ubuntu – new versions will no longer available in the 32-bit version and will therefore only be available for 64-bit architecture. Let’s be happy – the pressure from developers will lead to greater expansion of 64-bit architecture even where demand has not been so great, yet. Hurray! More information

Microsoft introduces unix line endings

The notepad is one of the most popular tools in Windows. Until now, he did not have so-called Unix line endings (LF) and it used only microsoft, i.e. CR + LF. However UNIX standard will get a support. Finally, Microsoft will start to support something normal after 30 years! More information

iMac celebrates 20 years

Do you remember the iconic first iMac? Yes, we mean that transparent, luxurious, gorgeous, orgasmic one. Steve Jobs, along with Jony Ive, designed it. It’s been twenty years since this megaultrasuperhyper computer appeared in the light of God and saved almost unknown and maybe lost company Apple Computers. More information

Security news

Twitter urges users to change password

The only clever social network, Twitter, gets into nice problems from time to time. Like now. More than 330 million users were asked to change their password because Twitter accidentally stored their passwords in plain text. Passwords have not been misused or made available to anyone, it’s only prevention. More information

Beware of kernel!

In the kernels and hypervisors of various operating systems (GNU/Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS, XEN, VMWare, or Windows) great amount of security vulnerabilities (as the result of incorrect exception handling) were revealed. Apparently, the main problem was the misunderstanding of the Intel processor documentation from developers. More information

News from Coolhousing

News from Coolhousing

Mining Colocation

Professional Mining Colocation

The high performance, space, electricity and cooling in particular. These are basic, but not all variables that have to be taken into mind, when you want to mine any cryptocurrency. If you already invested a lot of money in the mining rig, then the mining machine care, services and an environment, where the machine is located, should be on the professional level. Only this way, all operating and maintenance costs can be optimized to bring the desired, invested fruit. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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