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Cool Summer with Coolhousing

Enjoy a Cool Summer with Coolhousing. For each offer, we will give away a can of Staropramen Cool as a Cool Refreshment. Do you wonder how you can enjoy a Cool Summer with us?

In the hot summer months, not only an administrator seeks an excuse to visit an air-conditioned data center to perform “urgent” service.

We at Coolhousing have understanding for the administrators who install servers in the data center, and therefore we are now giving away a can of Staropramen Cool for every new order. The only conditions are that you pay for the order and retrieve the prizes at the Coolhousing data center located at Vinohradská 190, Prague 3, 130 00 at the time of installation of the server.

Have you ordered a virtual server? That’s OK, you will also receive a can of the refreshing beverage. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and receive top quality services and quench your thirst with Coolhousing. This summer promotion is valid from 18 July until further notice.

During the summer you can also take advantage of another special deal – we’ve given commitments a holiday! For server housing services, leasing of dedicated servers and rack hosting, you can receive a 21% discount with no commitment required. You can learn more here.

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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