Data circuits in Coolhousing datacenter

The Coolhousing datacenter network is not limited only by datacenter itself on Vinohradska, but extends outside of the buildings as well and offers the possibility of direct connections with other Czech and Slovak datacenters. Among the Czech ones belong THP Vinohrady, DC CEColo (better known as Sitel) and Nagano datacenter. Slovakia is represented by the datacenter of the Slovak Technical University. Coolhousing has launched another direct link with the datacenter TTC Teleport on Tiskařska in Prague.

The Coolhousing datacenter uses these links not only to provide its services to customers, but also to provide customer service outside of datacenter. It is possible to implement backup data circuits with a capacity of up to 1Gbps with all datacenters and optical links with some of them.

Data circuits in Coolhousing datacenter

Data circuits in the DC Coolhousing network

Backup ethernet circuit with TTC Teleport was implemented in the first stage, however the next, second stage, is already planned with the expansion of the optical link.

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