Virtual hosting

General questions to virtual hosting

The virtual clusters and all infrastructure are operated from our data center in Prague. Therefore, all stored data is located in the Czech Republic. Learn more about our data center here.

Virtual server backup runs automatically. If any problem occurs, with one click you can retrieve any of the previous server states and recover not only data but also all VPS settings. The system stores a complete 7-day backup of the virtual server data.

If necessary, virtual servers hosting backup can be performed outside of the automatic process and stored in the system for an unlimited time. The process of VPS recovery from such a backup is the same as from the automatic backup – one click.

Recovery/restart of a virtual server is performed directly from the online administration. Recovery from the backup may take several dozens of minutes, depending on your data volume. The virtual server will not be accessible during the recovery process.

You can choose and install an operating system from a large number of distributions and operating systems in our online administration Control Panel (CentOS, Debian GNU/Linux, Fedora Server, FreeBSD, MikroTik, OpenBSD, Ubuntu Server, openSUSE, Windows Server + dozens more).

After payment, your access to CP will be activated. However, all installation is your responsibility. You can find detailed installation instructions here. The price of the virtual server does not include server management, consulting, installation, software and service updates and configuration. These request are provided only as paid work of our technician according to the current price list.

Virtual servers are operated without any termination period. If you no longer want to use VPS, just write to us at info@coolhousing.net or do not pay the invoice for the next period.

It is, but in a slightly different way. If you want to try the server, order it for 1 month and if it doesn't suit you within 14 days, we will refund all your money as part of our quality guarantee.

Yes, namely Torrent and IRC traffic. Violation of this rule will result in termination of service without any refund.

Yes, each virtual server in its basic version offers one IPv4 and IPv6 public address for free.

The virtual server parameters can be changed only by migrating to a higher virtual server model. Individual server parameters cannot be changed.

The easiest solution is to use the external data storage service, when you connect this storage to your server as an additional network drive, or upgrade your server to a higher model.

Questions about virtual hosting administration

You can find the manual for working with the VPS administration Web interface here.

You can find more information about setting up a MS Windows server here.

For more precise processing of system hours in virtual servers with the Windows OS, we recommend preferring RTC over TSC. Approach for configuration:

  • Launch "Command Prompt"
  • Enger: bcdedit /set {default} USEPLATFORMCLOCK on
  • The correct reaction from the system is: The operation completed successfully
  • Restart VPS

For optimal functioning of the virtual server, it is necessary to use a kernel with support for para-virtualised drivers. This kernel is regularly available in practically all modern distributions. Nevertheless, for problem-free running of your virtual server under the Linux operating system, we recommend the following configuration in /etc/sysctl.conf

Plus button - more informationRecommended setting­ VPS Unix/Linux

This configuration contains verified values for most Linux servers, but it can be modified at any time based on your needs and requirements. The specified values are intended particularly for websites, e-mail and other general internet services on the server.

First of all, make sure that your server system, including all security patches and controls, is updated. Switch the "Timer Mode" (rtc tickpolicy) from "delay" to "catchup" in the Control Panel interface, in the Virtualisation Parameters of the given VPS. Restart the VPS from the administration interface.

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