Green behaviour of Coolhousing

We apply strict roles not only for our behaviour, such as electronic waste handling, but also on our offering of services. For example, among our dedicated servers you will always find the best priced low-consumption servers offering optimum average operating costs and performance.

Since 2012 we have also been using EATON intelligent plug panels, which enable us to monitor the consumption of hosted servers online. We reflect the obtained statistics in the formulation of our housing prices, and in doing so we motivate our customers to use servers more energy efficiently.

"Environmentally friendly data centre operation is one of our long-term goals. We attempt to shift these advantages to customers, who do not imagine a saved chunk of an iceberg, but who very well recognise specific savings on their bills," explains Karel Umlauf, Executive of Coolhousing.

What do we do?

  • We are the holders of a certificate issued by REMA, which proves our fulfilment of the obligations for waste sorting, recycling, processing, use and elimination of obsolete electronic appliances and other electrical waste.
  • Within our own company consumption, we use recycled paper towels, energy saving light bulbs, motion detectors for controlling lights, recycled wrapping paper, etc.
  • We recycle.
  • We have implemented electronic billing, we issue invoices in electronic form and send them directly to our clients' e-mail addresses, and we maintain an electronic archive of our websites.
  • We measure the consumption of our customers' servers and provide data regarding it to our customers, so that they can get an overview of how their servers are performing.