Introduction to Windows VPS Management: Upgrading Your VPS Program

One by one, we went through the basic configuration options and steps for managing a new VPS with Windows. In this episode, we take look at how to effectively upgrade your VPS program.

As projects grow and gain greater popularity among customers, hardware requirements increase and the server needs more system resources to ensure that everything works correctly. In this case, it is appropriate to consider upgrading the current VPS program and ensure more system resources to satisfy your needs.

If you do decide to upgrade, just contact the sales department and your virtual server will be reassigned to a new program with greater disk space, memory and processor time allocation.

While the server can "identify" some new features and improvements by itself, it cannot change the allocated disk space. Though the server can access the disk space, it cannot meaningfully connect it to an existing file system and it must be done manually.

First click on the menu.

Select Administrative Tools, a folder with links to key administration utilities in the system.

Select Computer Management from the menu.

Click on Disk Management in the left menu for hard drive configuration.

In the lower part of the window an outline of the file system structure on the currently active drive (usually C:) will appear. After upgrading your VPS program, the Unallocated section will be displayed here showing unallocated, but available free space.

To connect this space to an existing file system, right click on the disk drive (C:) and select Extend Volume.

This launches the Extend Volume Wizard.

This tool will guide you through the whole process of file system enlargement. Click on the Next button to continue.

The next screen shows available space. If unused space is displayed in the Selected column, everything is fine and the process can continue. If it is shown in the Available column, simply click on the Add button to select it and mark for enlargement.

Click on the Next button to reach the last screen.

Here is a summary of the operation. Just confirm by clicking the Finish button and you are done. The file system structure will now show the disk space with the new corresponding value.

This is all. Now you can enjoy more disk space with your VPS upgrade.

Author: Jirka Dvořák