Power outage in Prague

Massive power outage checked our data center

A massive power outage in Prague tested the backup power infrastructure of our data center on both power supplies. And the result? Without a single service outage!

On Tuesday, June 2, 2022, at 8:49 a.m., there was an extremely massive power outage that affected the ČEPS 400 kV substation in Chodov. Tens of thousands of Prague habitans, Prague public transport and hundreds of Prague companies and corporations suddenly found themselves without electricity. However, this negative experience did not affect our services and clients. All of our power infrastructure smoothly switched to backup in fully automatic mode, and no power-related incidents were reported throughout the distribution network outage. “These unpredictable situations tested the readiness of companies, firms and data centers and their real state of infrastructure” says Senior Sales Executive Jiří Dvořák. “It is said that paper could carry everything, but when it comes to the imaginary breaking of bread, the real neglect immediately comes to the surface” adds Dvořák.

We have been operating with two independent power supplies in our data center for more than two years, from two transformer stations and a separate motor generator is installed on each supply. A clients demand forced us to install another central UPS circuit in the April of this year, thus our data center operates with 3 independent central UPS circuits (A, B, C) on two power supplies from two transformer stations.

All infrastructure is subject not only of regular inspections, but also all regular tests under load. “Regular tests, especially under load, are something that not everybody does, and that is a big mistake” points out Jiří Dvořák. “Even if you test the readiness of both the UPS and the diesel, it takes a lot of courage to drop the main circuit breaker. But if something goes wrong during the test, you have a chance to go back to the network immediately and nothing happens. And when it comes to a really sharp start like today, you can drink a coffee – if you also have a coffee machine backed up by a diesel generator like us “concludes smiling Jiří Dvořák.

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