New Coolhousing website and something extra

New Coolhousing website and something extra

We continue to innovate at Coolhousing. With the summer coming to an end, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity to prepare and launch the new website www.coolhousing.net. However, we have not just remained on the sidelines. The new web presentation outlines our services in accordance with current trends and standards and especially in a clearer manner.

New appearance

The change to the layout of the website is undoubtedly the most visible change, but not the most important one. The old appearance, after six long years of constant adjustments for compatibility with new browser versions, has been replaced with a new more dynamic layout. Its main pluses are more room for the content itself, which has made it possible to increase font sizes and colour contrast, which is mainly pleasant for the eyes. Rotators have also been combined into the new appearance with current offers in a better manner, which makes them more visible and easier to access.

Fewer language versions

After lengthy hesitation we decided that less is sometimes more, and so we decided to maintain only four of the seven original language versions: Czech, English, German and Russian.

By removing Polish, Dutch and Italian, we certainly do not want to show disrespect towards customers who speak those languages. In fact, the opposite is true. Maintaining the quality of so many language versions is demanding both from a time and financial point of view. And the last thing we want is for our products to become more expensive in order for us to have web pages in a lot of different languages.

Order form with online price calculators

The order form has undergone major improvement. The original long list has been replaced by a clearer form combining selections with “either or” choices.

However, the main functional advantage of the new form is the online price calculator. Directly on the website you can click to your ideal configuration, and you will immediately find out how much you will pay and how much you will save depending on the length of the obligation or the selected payment period.

We place great emphasis on transparent price conditions, and we are confident that the new calculator will help customers with the selection of hosting exactly custom tailored to their needs and possibilities.

Blog comments

Facebook can be found on nearly every corner of the internet. We have decided to take advantage of its prominent position on our blog as well. Without further logging in, you can comment on or share our articles under your Facebook profile.

However, we are not only focused on Facebook! You can also share articles from the blog on Twitter, Google+ and Linked IN. On all of these social networks, you will find a profile of our company.

Changes in the offer

Together with the new website, we also decided to innovate our housing offer. We have already previously presented new sliding panels, which enable measuring of the output of each server. Their deployment has enabled us to expand our output offer, which enables customers to optimise their costs for housing. We have also adjusted the allocation of servers based on size and have expanded the least expensive small tower category, to which more servers belong. We are also newly presenting housing with a contractual commitment for advantageous prices, and we have decided to favour quarterly prepaid services over monthly subscriptions only for hosting service servers.

What do you say about the new Coolhousing website?

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