New and better network at Coolhousing

New edge routers at Coolhousing

After many months of preparations we have installed new edge routers of higher JUNIPER series. Thanks to them, we can provide you excellent network security, faster latency and many improvements and news.

The development within the IT and ICT segment is very dynamic in every point of view, which we experienced at the Coolhousing Data Center as well. During last 5 years, we have experienced an enormous increase of provided services and demanded connectivity, which could limit further grow due to limited number of 10GE ports. Therefore, in the beginning of 2019, we iniciated necessary processes to procure new edge routers and another network technologies.

We have chosen the JUNIPER routers, with whose we had very great and long experience. Stricly speaking, we know what expect from them. We chose these two routers equipped with enough amount of 100GE, 40GE and 10GE ports, provide a proper scalability and ensure the high level of network capacity and connectivity on upcoming years.

Thanks to routers and another network technologies as new JUNIPER distribution switches, we are able to ensure the high quality connectivity. Beside, already mentioned service optical circuits, we can connect your technologies not only on 10GE ports, but also provide dedicated connectivity higher than 10Gbps.

Thank you for your loyalty and our cooperation and we look forward to our upcoming success!

Coolhousing team

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