News from the world of IT (16. 1. - 23. 1. 2015)

News from the world of IT (16. 1. – 23. 1. 2015)

Microsoft ended mainstream support of Windows 7. Samsung started production of memories with 8Gb chip and 20nm technology. Google released the installatios on Chromebox. These information are the main news of the last week.

Samsung started production of 8Gb and 20nm memories

Samsung is a leading manufacturer of memories of type of GDDR5, which we can find particularly in modern graphics cards. Now, Samsung is the first which started with production of memories with 8Gb chip, which is built on Samsung´s 20nm process technology. We will find the new memories in game cards for desktops and in modern supercomputers. More information

Google will allow the instalation of other systems on Chromebox

The new compact computers appeared on the market some time ago. These computers was based on operating system Chrome OS. Probably the most successful of these is the Samsung´s Chromebox. But this closeness and excessive link on Chrome OS limited their expansion and made it quite uninteresting. Newly this restriction will fall and we will be able to install what we ourselves want instead of Chrome OS. More information

Coolhousing serves (not only) Europe

Coolhousing implemented its own connections to the most important European internet nodes, DE-CIX (the Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) in Frankfurt, Germany, and AMS-IX (the Amsterdam Internet Exchange) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The new connections will result mainly in reduction of latency for connected networks and will significantly improve the quality of foreign connectivity. More information

Mainstream support of Windows 7 is ending

Microsoft caused a mild panic by announcing that it ends mainstream support of Windows 7. In fact, there is nothing to worry about. It only means that „sevens“ won´t receive any improvements. However, Microsoft will still issue to security updates. If you use this system, you don´t have to worry and to move to the newer Windows 8. More information

Key managers leave AMD

Not so long ago, when the Lisa Su joined at the head of AMD. Confider director believes in a better tommorows of AMD and she wants to restructure the whole company. One of the significant steps is the release of three top managers of the company. Senior Vice Presiden John Byrne, Marketing Director Colette LaForce and Director of Strategic Planning Rajan Naik leaving AMD company. More information

Coolhousing is a member of FENIX!

This week the NIX.CZ association announced, the operator of a neutral connection node for the Czech Republic, the acceptance of a new member of the FENIX security project. The COOLHOUSING company became the ninth member. It has been included among major organisations such as Active 24, Casablanca INT, Cesnet, CZ.NIC, ČD – Telematika, Dial Telecom, Seznam.cz and O2 Czech Republic, which can operate a trustworthy and secure internet. More information

Author: Jirka Dvořák

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