News from the world of IT (27. 6. - 4. 7. 2014)

News from the world of IT (27. 6. – 4. 7. 2014)

The end of June is here and begin the real summer full of holidays. Even though the field of information technology still emerging and new attractions that can not be overlooked.

TP-Link introduced a dual band extender for 802.11ac

TP-Link is one of the leaders in the field of wireless technology. The wifi routers own a large part of household and are also equally popular in the corporate environment. Newly now launches RE200 extender that extends the existing signal router. The interesting thing is that it is designed for modern 802.11ac standard and operates in two bands.
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Build your own 3D headset

The amount of $ 350 for a virtual reality headset, Oculus Rift, is not acceptable for everyone. Cheaper devices Virzzmo is not yet in sight. How, then use virtual reality? There is another variant of Google Cardboard – paper folding headset from Google. The display device uses a mobile phone. The project originally appeared just as fun by Google, but the fact is that this solution can bring virtual reality for the majority of the population. Paper headset, however, you must assemble yourself.
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WesternDigital introduced an external drive with 8 TB

You need sufficient space for backups? Then there is a new model from the external drive WesternDigital. New Hard Drive WD My Book Duo offers a total capacity of 8 TB. It also offers excellent performance with transfer speeds up to 290 MB / s The external drive has a USB 3.0 interface. A pair of hard drives that are used in this device are then Red WD NAS. Highest model then comes out to 450 USD.

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Intel launches new processors with a capacity of over 3 TFLOPS

Intel in the just ended week announced its plans for the new processors Xeon Phi. They are better known as the Knights Landing. In these new models, we should just wait for a whole range of new products, of which the key is increased performance, which is more than 3 TFLOPS. Directly on the chip will also integrate performance memory, whose capacity would be the first version should be up to 16GB.

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Author: Jirka Dvořák

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